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Most successful tax practitioners are constantly seeking opportunities to be proactive with their client’s tax situation, especially during the tax season, as new court decisions or new tax laws can significantly alter their tax liability at any given time. However, some tax practitioners may find themselves overwhelmed by the numerous aspects of tax planning. Here, you will find a tax planning checklist that will help you determine which tax planning services are most appropriate for your needs.


Determine how much your current year tax return will be before beginning your research. Tax preparation professionals can provide tax planning services that include planning for unexpected expenses (e.g., medical expenses and other items that your taxes do not account for), providing you with an estimate, and calculating your income and expense deductions. It is important to take this step even if you do not expect to file a full tax return because you could still be required to file an extension.

Before deciding on any type of tax planning, you must determine what you are planning to do. One option is filing a full tax return, but many tax preparers recommend consulting a CPA before doing so. Tax experts can be consulted to help with the preparation of a return and also can provide tax-planning advice to you should you decide to file an extension. You should also consult your accountant and/or tax professional before beginning any type of financial planning.


As a professional tax planner, you should be able to answer any questions that you may have concerning the filing process. While you are completing your tax preparation, you should always keep in mind that IRS tax regulations are continually changing, and your preparation should reflect this.

For example, when considering whether to file an amended return or make any changes to your tax return, you should consider the possibility that you will be required to submit an annual disclosure report to the Internal Revenue Service. Many tax professionals will suggest that you prepare for the annual disclosure report, as it may be one of the first things the IRS does when reviewing your return.

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Tax planning benefits also include making sure that your returns reflect all of the necessary information and provide complete and accurate information. Some preparation can also help to ensure that your return is prepared correctly for your client. Therefore, tax professionals can provide tax planning advice and ensure that their clients prepare their tax returns and understand their tax status.

You should also make sure to consult your professional tax preparer if you anticipate needing professional tax planning advice or assistance in the future. You may need to obtain IRS forms, such as Form 1120S or Form 1120A, and they will also be able to help you with preparing and submitting a claim form to the IRS. There are also many tax law experts available on the Internet who can advise you on tax planning.

All in all, there are many tax planning benefits to be had, especially during these difficult economic times. In addition to saving money on tax preparation, a professional will also be able to advise you on options that can allow you to avoid fines and penalties. They can also provide tax planning advice and can help you understand your tax obligations and determine which options are best for you.

Professional Help

If you want to increase your chances of avoiding fines, you should ask your professional tax preparer about how to get the maximum amount of tax credits. You can also save money by avoiding certain types of errors in the calculation of your taxes. The same is true if you are filing an amended return.

The more time you spend with your professional tax preparer, the better your chances are of minimizing the amount of money you pay out in taxes while increasing your chances of getting a refund. Remember to use your tax services only as a last resort when you have exhausted other possible options.

Tax planning is something that should not be overlooked. Not only will it save you money, but it will also ensure that your return reflects your true expenses and helps you to avoid penalties. The time you spend on tax planning can also make a difference in your tax bill.

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