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This page collates all, in one place, the massive amount of information on this site that is relevant to Property Investors

Our objective is to simplify the process not force you into a detailed questionnaire. Answer the basics and we will ring you for a personalised approach.

BAN TACS offices are individually owned by small business people just like you. They understand the pressure. We see ourselves not just as business accountants but mentors as well.

Welcome to the employees section of the BAN TACS web site. We have  multiple booklets that are specifically written for employees.

Work your way around Australia while traveling and you can claim your trip as a tax deduction.

This is our remote workers, miners and tradies page. It is primarily aimed at employees but some contractors caught by the personal services income rules are treated very similar to employees for tax purposes

We are here to assist tradesmen and women who are just starting out on their own. If you are already well established in the industry then you might find the small business section more useful.

Whether you are overseas looking to move to or invest in Australia or an Australian looking to move to or expand your business overseas we can help you understand the complex associated tax issues.

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Our offices are located in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria

In Queensland we are located in Mackay in North Queensland, in the Caboolture Shire on Bribie Island Rd, Ningi,  Brisbane, and now in Toowoomba. In NSW our offices can be found in Burwood, Sydney and Crows Nest and in Budgewoi on the Central Coast. In South Australia you will find us in Flinders Park in Adelaide. In Victoria, our office is in Ascot Vale, in inner north west Melbourne.

As you can see from all the free material on this site, we pride ourselves on giving clients the answers damn straight on Australian tax law.

The BAN TACS group is a pro-active firm of Accountants

Over the years we have found other like minded professionals who go the extra mile to provide that pro-active service our clients have come to expect. Accordingly, we have formed a close working relationships with Financial Planners, Insurance Brokers, Finance Brokers and Solicitors. These independant firms we trust to give the same high level of services as BAN TACS Accountants Pty Ltd. Take a browse through the personal profiles section of this site which covers both members of the BAN TACS team and profiles of other associated professionals.

Practice Opportunities

While Julia Hartman started the BAN TACS group she no longer owns any of the practices, only the web site. She is now the BAN TACS publicity tart and supports all our offices but rarely sees clients. BAN TACS is not a franchise, it is really more of a co op, giving clients, staff and practitioners all the benefits of a large firm within a much more personalised small practice environment.

The Cost:
Very affordable start-up costs that cover promoting your practice and updating the web site etc. with your details. The ongoing monthly fee is $225. You can opt out at any time, your commitment is on a monthly basis but of course the initial entry fee is not refundable. We also have the right to opt out if you are not prepared to meet our standards.

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What You Get:
Your firm will receive a presence on this web site, economies of scale with printing etc.  Together we manage to achieve quite good discounts on subscriptions and software.  For example we have the numbers to provide you with a copy of the full suite of Software Assist programs, ledgers, tax return preparation, time costing etc. for a couple of hundred dollars a year.  Usually this alone means we save you more than our monthly fee. We provide working papers, letter templates, calculators and Julia Hartman will provide you with written advice on specific tax related questions. We provide a phone a friend facility where we all list our areas of expertise so you know who to ring when you need help in an area where you lack detailed experience. We will regularly conference over skype to share tricks and insights. The sort of support you would expect in a big practice with the independence of operating your own business.
Training and materials for our rental property pre purchase kit. Articles for your local newspaper and 30 second radio tips. Monthly client newsletter and marketing stationary.
As required you will receive mentoring and assistance with systems to build your practice. Lots of reading to get you started. Your staff can ring Julia for advice while you are on holidays. The whole BAN TACS concept has developed from practitioners banding together for mutual benefit. Your territory will be your Federal electorate boundaries and two adjoining boundaries, you can choose which ones if they are available. No one can set up a BAN TACS office in this area without your agreement so you can reserve the whole area for yourself or charge an entry fee. If your area has a low population density then it is likely it is large enough to fit another spot on the map if you open another office. In this case there will be no extra charge for that additional spot. If you are interested in joining the BAN TACS group please contact Julia for much more specific details on 0428 381 864 or via e-mail to You do not have to be a large practice to be accepted, in fact it is more the opposite as the service we offer is just what a new practice needs to get up and running. Acceptance is more based on wanting to attain a high standard of client services combined with an easy going and nurturing attitude towards clients. We have many more exciting developments in mind as the group grows and will welcome your ideas, this is a co op not a franchise.



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